LED mirror

Qilong offers a wide array of durable, LED lit bathroom mirrors, including framed mirrors, frameless mirrors, LED front lit mirrors, and LED backlit mirrors to provide evenly distributed light in your bathroom. Feel free to browse our selection to find the right LED lit mirror to meet your needs.

Unique Style

With our team of experienced Italian designers, Qilong offers a series of LED lit bathroom mirrors in different shapes, frames and sizes. Any other bathroom mirrors such as LED front lit mirror and backlit mirrors can also be customized according to your special requirements. Whatever your needs, we will help in finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

  • Unique Contemporary Design
  • Unique Contemporary Design
  • Unique Contemporary Design
  • Unique Contemporary Design
  • Unique Contemporary Design
  • Unique Contemporary Design
  • Recommended ApplicationsBathroom Vanity Mirror
    Bathroom Wall Mirror
    Bedroom Wall Mirror
    Dressing Room Mirror
    Makeup Mirror
  • Mirror ShapesRectangular mirror
    Square mirror
    Circular mirror
    Oval mirror
    Full length mirror
  • Functionality OptionsMirror defogger
    Dimmable lighting
    Bluetooth control
    Motion sensor switch
    LED nightlight
    Additional ambient lighting
Quality Bathroom Mirrors

The copper free mirror offers better clarity over conventional mirrors due to the durable, black-edge corrosion resistance design and long service life.

The CE certified LED light and accessories guarantee the mirror’s reliability. LED lit bathroom mirrors offer different power consumptions, light temperatures, and color rendering indexes for customers to choose from.

A premium anti-fog film has been added to the mirror surface to prevent visibility interference from steam.

Qilong is a reliable manufacturer of cost-effective and high quality bathroom vanities that come in a wide selection of styles and specifications. In addition to that, we also provide OEM or ODM services according to your production demands, saving you money, improving productivity, and ensuring reliable quality.

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