Bathroom Vanities

Qilong specializes in the design and manufacturing of bathroom vanities of various types. Our most common vanity configuration consists of a mirror, mirror cabinet, countertop sink, and bathroom side cabinet. A wide range of fully assembled bathroom vanities with mirrors are available for you to choose from to fit your bathroom design.

High Durability

Qilong produces PVC thermoforming bathroom vanities with excellent moisture-proof properties, making them your ideal choice in moist bathroom environments. Moreover, its beautiful and durable high gloss finish produces specular reflections. Hardware supplied by DTC and Blum provides anti-corrosion and wear-resistant protection.

Unique Contemporary Design

With our team of experienced designers from Italy, Qilong offers a luxurious collection of bathroom vanities with an elegant look in contemporary, vintage, natural, and minimalist styles. Bathroom vanities can also be customized according to your special requirements.

Cost-effective Quality

Qilong is capable of independently carrying out the processing and assembly of bathroom vanities and mirrors so that we are able to provide bathroom vanity set of superior quality and value at a competitive price.

Our Bathroom Vanity Selection

Qilong is a reliable designer and manufacturer of bathroom furniture, specializing in manufacturing high quality fully assembled bathroom vanities with mirrors. You will find premium contemporary designs developed by our team of experienced designers from Italy. A large factory, equipped with 5 production lines and advanced equipment, creates cost-effective and high quality products. Our products have been widely exported to many countries worldwide covering Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and more. Browse our full list of bathroom vanities to pick your favorite one. We also offer customization to better fit your needs. If you have any other questions, contact us today.

Qilong is a reliable manufacturer of cost-effective and high quality bathroom vanities that come in a wide selection of styles and specifications. In addition to that, we also provide OEM or ODM services according to your production demands, saving you money, improving productivity, and ensuring reliable quality.

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